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For decades, Sai Research Institute has been helping people to feel safe and confident, to rekindle ambitions and focus on new goals rather than limitations, and to feel happy and prepared for life with limb-loss.

When you look at why we have been so successful, you will find a whole series of small but significant steps to a better future – comprehensive solutions that are designed with user needs and aspirations always at the top of the agenda. Sai Research Institute is pleased to present its most inclusive range of prosthetics ever, with solutions that embrace diverse populations and provide an effective response, whatever the need. Each prosthetic is developed with different activity levels in mind. Sai Research Institute prosthetic solutions are our way to make the selection easier and helping you finding the best solution for your patient.


Even the youngest prosthetic user wants to get the most out of life – running around with friends and family, enjoying school and generally having fun. Prosthetic solutions for children need to enable them to do all that and more. Childhood should be a time of aspiration and adventures, when maximum mobility supports personal development.


Designed to champion children and their aspirations, from playing with friends, to competitive sport. And children who are actively having fun, despite a potential disability, send out a great message to their peers and others.


You may be familiar with some of the terminology used to describe orthotic devices. Devices are labeled after the body segment and are designed to support.


Daily activities involving gentle, steady walking with the use of a walking aid.
Example: Moving around at home, modest walking in the community.


Daily activities involving average walking with the ability to vary speed or walking pattern.
Example: Going to the shops, confident outdoor walking.


Daily activities involving fast walking, jogging and climbing stairs.
Example: Heavy-lifting, manual labor, recreational sports.


Activities involving running, track and field, sprinting, and long-distance running.
Example: Track and field sports.

At SRI we pride ourselves on Comfortable, Functional and Cosmetic Prostheses for Upper Limb and Lower Limb Amputees.

No matter what your prosthetic requirements we are able to help you:

  1. First time interim prostheses
  2. Everyday definitive prostheses
  3. Everyday prostheses
  4. Cosmetic prostheses
  5. Sports and recreational prostheses (running legs, water legs / swimming legs)
  6. Shower prostheses
  7. Microprocessor and myoelectric prostheses

"Our experienced Prosthetists and Technicians will work together with you to achieve the very best results."

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